Originally from Saint-Etienne, France, Oakoak is an anonymous artist who does not want to reveal his identity. Originally a graffiti artist, his humorous works entangle our urban environment with influential characters from his childhood, like the Simpsons.


OneMizer first discovered painting in Africa during the 1990's, where he spent his childhood. When he arrived to Paris in 2006, he began studying art at the MJM Graphic Design School, but shortly after, chose to pursue his own, self-taught training. By meeting various graffiti artists, he was able to understand the evocative power that Street Art holds, and began to express himself in vacant lots hidden in the city.

Today, his canvases pay hommage to personalities who have shaped history, and the visual impact, as well as the shocking color he employs, make his works unmistakably original.


A self-taught artist, Quentin Shad was born and continues to live and work in Paris. Graduated with a professional license in negotiation and communication, he works in the commercial sales world. With his father being an executive restorer in the workshop of the Louvre Museum and his mother a fine arts professor, he has grown up immersed in the arts.

Influenced by the entirety of graffiti culture, he recently launched himself into working with acrylic. Stylistically, he works in a fine and structured manner, revisiting beloved characters with a modern touch.


In the mid-1990s, while studying art and working in advertising, Seth began painting Parisian walls. His works usually depict characters, often young children. In 2000, after graduating from the National School of Decorative Arts (ENSAD), he published a book on graffiti with Gautier Bischoff Kapital. This book, hailed by critics, quickly became a bestseller. The two authors then founded the publishing house, "L’œil d'or," and created a collection called Wasted Talent, which featured monographs by artists on the walls. In 2003, he organized various tript to meet different artists around the world who inspired him. He went on to craft a book about his travels, titled Globe-painter, which received the special jury's prize from the travel book festival in 2007. An admirer of pop culture, he has collaborated on numerous frescoes in France and abroad. Not only is he a skilled fine artist, but he is also a presenter and creator of documentaries.


Born in 1973, Skyzo discovered hip-hop through graffiti in the mid 80's. A few years after making his first marks on the walls of Eastern Paris, he joined the graffiti group, CIA, in 1992.
Adept at typography, his blockletters, with their precisely clean lines, hold his reputation.

At the start of 2010, in parallel with the resumption of urban wall art, he began to create works on canvas, eventually using more urban supports such as traffic signs and car parts.
As he has always admired cars, especially Porsche's, he chose to use the hoods as supports, to turn them into unique decorative objects.


Born in Paris in 1977, Soklak lives and works in Montreuil. The first time he was touched by art was at age eight in the Paris metro, where he discovered graffiti in the tunnels and covering the wagons. A few years later, in 1995, he made his first tags, quickly discovering his passion for spray paint. Soklak paints in various places, often in vacant lots, and places his tag freely around the city.

In 2002, he began a journey on canvas, giving new life to the techniques that he had acquired after several years of urban graffiti art. This new approach aimed to give greater scope to his experiments; the use of new tools, materials and techniques give his work a different dimension. Accustomed to painting walls in just a few hours, he now spends more time refining his canvases.


One of the first street artists in France, Speedy Graphito is celebrated as one of the most famous artists of his generation. Inspired by the "figuration libre" movement in the beginning of the 1980's, the "graphito style" became famous due to his his colored, graphic style, recalling the memory of the urban, Parisian wallscapes.

Speedy uses a range of colors, forms and expressions. His paintings, sculptures and installations translate into a universal language, staying relevant through the times.


Sun7 is a child of intersections, overlapping between word and image, poetry and color, art and street. In the 1990's, he discovered the universe of New York city and it's tags. Spray paint in hand, he attacks the walls from Paris to New York. He has worked in Paris, Lyon and Marseille, then in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Jakarta. In his works, he uses the canvas, the panel, and even the metal plates.

He draws inspiration from various places, such as action painting, Arabic calligraphy, and Latin-style tattoos. The mix of inspiration is what dominates and shows throughout his works, as when these individual inspirations are combined, he composes a final product which is interlaced with a bit of everything, often in the form of portraits and self-portraits. The portraits are but coded texts, as his work is a subtle game between appearances and disappearances.