Jonathan Bermudez was born in 1968 and is a contemporary French painter. He mainly works in the photo collage technique. He is especially known for his images of celebrities and pop culture icons.


Mailbox series

Intercom series

Since the young age of seventeen, PÔ has had an affinity for photography and has been practicing since. She was trained at the Niepce school, specifically by the celebrated photographer Lucien Clergue. Working exclusively in silver, PÔ engages in the world of black and white street photography.


WB, born in 1988, undertook his schooling at MJM Graphic Design, where he discovered his love for mixing pop-art, street-art, and Dadaism. Working in various media, he began his journey in the art world first by creating abstract films, then delved into photography before finally finding his interest in painting. Nowadays, he finds himself merging these various interests.

Through various series of photographs and paintings, WB brings to live his personal philosophy that, "making art is the simplicity of not being."