AVELLA Frederic

Born in 1975, Fred Avella learnt how to sculpt stone and marble thanks to his father. The municipality of Sanary chose him to renovate public fontains and statues. His work is influenced by pop culture and from French design industries.


Born in 1980 in Lyon, Brain Roy discovered the art of graffiti in the early 2000s through the walls of his hometown. Later moving to Paris, he discovered the hip-hop movement and began his career as a graffiti artist. His works are intended to be full of spontaneity and dynamism with their vibrant colors. Brain Roy is inspired by human and social issues, as well as significant events in our society.


A daring duo that makes ART its outlet! Drawing influence from various sources such as pop culture, F&G are perfectionists who compose illustrative and symbolic works which present an understanding of the invasiveness of consumerism.

The use of plexiglass, aluminium and neon, in both paintings and sculptures, have become recognizable aesthetics within their creations. Hand drawings, collages and photomontages, all constructed under the influence of an overflowing imagination, pay hommage to the icons of contemporary art.


Juce Gace is a French designer who creates artwork dedicated to the iconic figures and characters of our childhood. The originality of his work consists in the reinterpretation of characters from our childhood in a less childish world.


Born in 1985 in Tilburg, the Netherlands, Ghost Art is an artist with a very mysterious name. His works illustrate many symbols of prosperity and heroes of the modern world. Ghost Art combines the use of recent materials with more traditional ones.



"Johanne 8" is a name that resonates like a lucky charm. This young artist, originally from Lyon but now lives and works in Paris, was born in 1974. She is known for her works which are embedded with symbolism and nostalgia. Working as a stewardess for several years, she chose to return to her long-time passion: art.

Her artworks are filled with references to her childhood memories, such the characters who accompanied, like super-heroes, American comic book characters, Hello Kitty, Walt Disney and the Simpsons. She often takes inspiration from American logos, pubs, and streets.


Kaxx contributes to the renewal of French figurative art by developing new styles within the realm of pop culture. A painter by trade for 25 years before delving into sculpture, Kaxx has always done wood burning for his own pleasure. He uses a chromatic palette, burning wood point by point to create his celebrity inspired works.


LOranse was born in 1965 in France and is a self-taught artist. Having started her career in the hotel business, she decided to change her profession and took up decoration. Her passion for contemporary art and great creativity pushed her on this creative adventure. Her work challenges our society and analyzes questions of truth and reality.


Created in 2018 and native from Bordeaux, Maris Jothieu is first of all the association of two universes, the scultpture and the technology.

Designer and sculptor since a young age, he’s influenced by the 80’s. Selftaught, he took the path of digital sculpture to meet the world of videogame, publicity and collectible figurine. He draws inspiration in the comics, the cartoon, the art et the movie theater.

During his professional carreer, he learnt about the new technologies which let him to give life to a lot of projects. Thus, the 3D printing allows the physical creation of digital sculptures which are then reworked by hand, painted and varnished. The meeting between all these worlds gives birth to pop sculptures with an offbeat design.