Gallery Artelie... Street Art Gallery

A stone's throw from the Grand Palais and among the dynamism of the galleries along the Right Bank is the ARTELIE gallery, dedicated to contemporary art that highlights all artistic forms such as painting, sculpture and photography.

The vocation of the Gallery: to present established artists as well as to bring attention to promising young "Street Art" talents.

Eliane Kowsman places art as a source of feelings and emotions that provokes the contemplators' reflection, thus infusing the desire to acquire works of contemporary art.

150 years after Lewis Carroll's "Alice", a new door opens to imaginary spaces at 25, rue de Penthièvre, 75008 Paris!


You are an individual:
  • Any work of art is exempt from wealth tax
  • Any work of art sold for less than 5000€ : no taxation
  • Any work of art is easily transferable and can settle estate or wealth tax
You are a company :
  • We offer art leasing d'oeuvre d'art
  • At the end of the lease contract you can exercise the purchase option and become the owner for the amount of the residual value
  • The lease payments are 100% tax deductible operating expenses that reduce the taxable income of your business
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