ARPE ONE, a 25-year-old artist born in Aix-en-Provence. He's been involved in graffiti since the age of 15, when he began to express himself freely and "wildly" in the streets, on walls, freeways and metro stations, alongside other local graffiti artists.

In 2019, he will start attending art fairs to make himself known and offer collectors part of his collection.

He persists and evolves in his style, notably with stencils, which he still makes and cuts himself in his bedroom to incorporate into very colorful backgrounds with graffiti lettering.

He instinctively makes children full of messages, which is what speaks to him most, because he believes that everyone would like to be a child again. He also sees in them an innocence, a pure soul.

ARPE finally joined a real artists' studio in Le Tholonet, at the foot of Mont Sainte-Victoire.


Auguste is a self-taught artist who currently lives and works in Bordeaux. The name, Auguste, is a pseudonym which refers to his years of study, as well as his first abstract works which decorated the walls of his student apartment. His technique is centered around color and shape. In his works, he likes to tell stories in popular and iconoclastic tones. His paintings, charged with a positive energy, are always associated with a touch of the elegant "glamour pop," which characterizes his works so well.

Auguste is represented in several galleries in France and abroad, and regularly exhibits in prestigious places. Many celebrities are fans.


Artist Alexander de Poplavsky integrates his acquired knowledge from the Penninghen School of Design, Graphic Art and Interior Architecture and flourishes in what he does, confirming his strong taste for art and creation. After taking a direction in interior design, he soon discovered his talent for drawing on canvas with marker.

He expresses himself through the symbolism embedded in his creations. By drawing from his environment, he nourishes his imagination and creates his own universe. His attention is particularly drawn to his environment, wisdom, vice, death and other elements which arouse his curiosity and intrigue him.


EZK is a 35 year old French artist. His project, Art Against Poverty, brought him notoriety, as he highlighted wealth inequality. This gave him the idea to create ​​his first stencil, "In which world Vuitton?"

For four years, EZK has been shocking and, above all, transforming Street Art into a space for reflection. His urban works seek to surprise, provoke emotion or even laughter among viewers.

HERBE Nicolas

Born in the South of France in 1989, Nicolas Herbé proposes in his exhibitions and works an abstract " analphabetic " graffiti.
He expresses his need to freely deposit the trace of a channeling of the emotions he feels.
Very active on many projects, he is constantly inspired by the New York energy and proposes a raw look of street art as in its origin.


IOYE, originally from the western suburbs of Paris, discovered graffiti in the late 80's. The technical skill present is his works is indisputable, giving them a recognizable tone and aesthetic through dynamic lettering and percussive color schemes, harmonious through the rest of his works.

In 1998, after obtaining a Diploma of Crafts at the Boulle School, IOYE went to work in Athens for a year, taking this opportunity to paint the walls of the Greek capital, leaving his mark. The grand size of his pieces create an immediate visual impact within the cityspace. His abundant production also allows him to assert his style, and to influence against all odds, a whole generation of "writers."


The first New York graffiti artist to come and settle in Paris where the movement exploded. John found his inspiration among other mixed-race youths, inspired by a new adventure. Walls, iron curtains and market trucks bear the brunt of this. But there’s more. After several years squatting in Bretonneau Hospital centre -the name given to the squat officially established between 1990 and 1995 on the premises of the Bretonneau Hospital- John set up his first artist’s studio. At the heart of this unique place, distinguished by the creative spirit of the 90s in France, he exhibits his work along with his practices. Taking inspiration from his younger years, JonOne aims to evoke a mythical image, an original memory: the dazzling trail of colour left by a tagged metro train… like a revelation. Thus the street, graffiti, the tunnels. While today JonOne is making the most of the next half century of his life, he still holds on to his memories of the streets with great fondness… “The strength of the streets is still strong. It excites me” recalls the artist.



Blending Classic and Modern: Mark Zwirner's Pop Art Style

Mark Zwirner is a modern pop artist known for his hyperrealistic paintings that explore contemporary issues in the digital age. His work questions the influence of social media on our culture and explores new forms of celebrity and influence. Combining classic and modern elements, Zwirner's paintings reflect the impact of technology on our lives, presenting a commentary on how we interact with each other and the world around us. His notable series includes hyperrealistic paintings of famous artists reimagined as modern-day influencers, and paintings of modern objects that explore the role of consumer culture in our lives. Through his art, Zwirner invites viewers to consider the meaning and beauty of our society and its values



Nyne Factory was born in 1984 in Clermont-Ferrand, and is currently living and working in the south of France. After studying applied arts, computer graphics and visual communication, she set out with determinationto follow her passion for painting, in which she address themes that are dear to her, such as social issues.

Her interests, exhibited through her artworks, lie in humans, animals and their emotions. Drawing inspiration from everyday life, she seeks to share her melancholic yet hopeful vision of our collective human condition. Her artistic influences are numerous places; such as Pop Art, Street Art, and Contemporary Art.


Originally from Saint-Etienne, France, Oakoak is an anonymous artist who does not want to reveal his identity. Originally a graffiti artist, his humorous works entangle our urban environment with influential characters from his childhood, like the Simpsons.


OneMizer first discovered painting in Africa during the 1990's, where he spent his childhood. When he arrived to Paris in 2006, he began studying art at the MJM Graphic Design School, but shortly after, chose to pursue his own, self-taught training. By meeting various graffiti artists, he was able to understand the evocative power that Street Art holds, and began to express himself in vacant lots hidden in the city.

Today, his canvases pay hommage to personalities who have shaped history, and the visual impact, as well as the shocking color he employs, make his works unmistakably original.


A self-taught artist, Quentin Shad was born and continues to live and work in Paris. Graduated with a professional license in negotiation and communication, he works in the commercial sales world. With his father being an executive restorer in the workshop of the Louvre Museum and his mother a fine arts professor, he has grown up immersed in the arts.

Influenced by the entirety of graffiti culture, he recently launched himself into working with acrylic. Stylistically, he works in a fine and structured manner, revisiting beloved characters with a modern touch.


Speedy Graphito (aka Oliver Rizzo) is a Parisian artist who started painting in the street in the 80s. Since then, the artist has not stopped changing his style, offering us always as singular works and striking. With brightly slashed canvases, Speedy Graphito shares a very personal vision of the world around us. Today, he occupies a key place in the world of Street Art.


Sun7 is a child of crossings and overlaps between word and image, poetry and color, art and the street. In the 1990s, he discovered the world of New York tags. Spray can in hand, he attacked the surface of the walls, from Paris to New York. He executed performances and interventions in Paris, Lyon and Marseille, then in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Jakarta. He then moved on to use the canvas, the panel, the metal plates... His register is mixed with multiple influences: action painting, Arabic calligraphy and Latino tattoos. But it is the word which dominates. A mesh of words, most often indecipherable and which, once assembled, compose portraits and self-portraits. Obvious portraits but coded texts, his work is a subtle game between appearances and disappearances.


Born in 1988 in the city of Mulhouse, Sven is a French artist passionate about graffiti. This passion was born following his numerous trips during which he discovers and observes the multitude of drawings made on various supports such as walls, rails, or even cars. The letters with rounded forms characterize the works of the artist that he nicknamed "Flop" or "Trow-up". For a few years now, Sven has decided to evolve in his artistic practice by working on a different medium, that of the canvas. He works the textures of the material and superimposes the layers. Moreover, he collaborates with many artists like David Zeller or Laurence Dréano.


A true icon of the "Paris punk" of the 1980s, Tristam is a French artist and founder of the painters' collective "Les musulmans fumants" (The Smoking Muslims), which included six artists from 1980 to 1990. Since 1992, Tristam has been working as an independent painter. His curiosity and his avidity for new experiences, leads him to paint in the same way that he conceives daily life. Fierceness, passion and rage are the key words of his work. His works illustrate the codes of street art and pop culture while being both explosive and sensual.


Zenoy started in the world of graffiti at the end of the 80s. Pioneer of the Parisian Subway Art movement, he first started to graffiti on trains but also on the walls of the French capital. Self-taught, he was inspired by the first generation of Parisian taggers and the writing technique dating from the 1960s. This Philadelphia technique, linked to the hip-hop movement, is described as a signature art based on the work of the letter. In the early 1990s, Zenoy met artists such as Zea and Kruz, with whom he quickly formed the DKC crew. A little later, in 1995, he met Sezam, a graffiti artist from the group D77, a crew that Zenoy would later join.