Alben is a young, self-taught artist from Bordeaux. He works as a painter in a workshop located above a nightclub on the quays of Bordeaux. Having fallen into the arts from an early age, he has been nourished by a variety images, advertising and documentaries, which he displays in "contemporary mythologies."
Impressed by the velocity inwhich our contemporary society transmits and communicates information, he also imbues his works with a musical universe. His challenge? Translating and transposing these sources into one's personal imagination using various pictorial techniques.
60 x 25 cm


Helder Batista was born in Paris in 1964. Painting and drawing guided his childhood. He remained a self-taught artist until 2005, when he began courses in various workshops.
He takes inspiration from multiple artists, such as Combas, Kieffer, Basquiat, Soutine… His paintings reflect the tendencies of today’s life with an analysis close to the provocateur : the bright colors exalt the subject.


Jorge Blanco is a sculptor born in 1945 in Caracas. Designer, illustrator, graphic artist, this artist has multiple talents. It is especially thanks to sculpture, his true passion, that this Venezuelan has forged an international reputation. He exhibited in cities around the world, particularly in the United States where the artist contributes to the development of Public Art. Since the 80s, he has been refining a style of humor with his sculptures in bright and striking colors.

DUPONT Annouck

Annouck Dupont is a Belgian sculptor, who offers us her dream in sharing. Annouck Dupont's inspiration comes from children and their drawings. She wants to transcribe their spontaneity, the way they have to blur the proportions with naivety, she wants to make the expression pure, the first throw. It is a way for her to break free from the codes, to break the academicism of her beginnings, to shift her style.


Guillaume Vincent, known as "Ecloz", started to paint graffitis at the end of the nineties and has continued since then to improve his techniques. He took thousands of photographies and documents to nourrish his work in oder to present bigger performances.

Nowadays, the notoriety of his name is attracting jalousy and disgrace, for exemple in press, but he is staying faithful in the value of his own art.


IOYE, originally from the western suburbs of Paris, discovered graffiti in the late 80's. The technical skill present is his works is indisputable, giving them a recognizable tone and aesthetic through dynamic lettering and percussive color schemes, harmonious through the rest of his works. In 1998, after obtaining a Diploma of Crafts at the Boulle School, IOYE went to work in Athens for a year, taking this opportunity to paint the walls of the Greek capital, leaving his mark. The grand size of his pieces create an immediate visual impact within the cityspace. His abundant production also allows him to assert his style, and to influence against all odds, a whole generation of "writers."


Yayoi Kusama (草間 彌生, Kusama Yayoi, born 22 March 1929) is a Japanese contemporary artist who works primarily in sculpture and installation, but is also active in painting, performance, video art, fashion, poetry, fiction, and other arts. Her work is based in conceptual art and shows some attributes of feminism, minimalism, surrealism, Art Brut, pop art, and abstract expressionism, and is infused with autobiographical, psychological, and sexual content. She has been acknowledged as one of the most important living artists to come out of Japan.


Karl Lagasse was born in Paris on April 4, 1981, in a family of artists, he began to create collages and tags at the age of 7 years. From these tags and collages, he will go to painting and photography. He sells his first painting at the age of 15. Today Karl Lagasse is a painter but also a sculptor.

His achievements are, as he likes to say, from a "spontaneous, unthinking" approach that follow "the course of his emotions". Once the work is finished, he perceives "his own subjectivity as well as his truth".

MARTY Valérie

French artist Marty Valérie was born in 1964. In 1999, the artist fell ill and decided to change her life and devote it to art. In 2000 she joined the Christian André-Acquier workshop where she perfected her sculptural technique. Her most famous series is the famous "PIAFS" series, a symbol of lightness and cheerfulness.

MORIN Géraldine

Géraldine Morin was born on February 10, 1976 in Strasbourg. Barely able to walk, she already handles pencils, brushes and paint tubes and develops an artistic sense out of the ordinary. She connects the visual arts in Strasbourg, and an advertising school in Paris (Académie Charpentier). Géraldine Morin then launches in the creation of plaster busts, then bronze sculptures and paintings.

At the same time, she creates costume jewelery as well as cardboard furniture and a baby collection (T-shirts, dishes ...). Géraldine Morin is also passionate about photography.

NICOLAS Alexandre

Alexandre Nicolas has lived in Toulouse since 1970, were he continues to work today but also in Limoges and Paris. In his artistical research, he found out that the inclusion resin was a perfect material for his expression, and he uses synthetic crystal to create figures of the pop cultures that float in resin.



ROSSI Damien