Speedy Graphito (Oliver Rizzo de son vrai nom) est un artiste parisien qui a commencé à peindre dans la rue dans les années 80. Depuis, l’artiste n’a cessé de faire évoluer son style, nous proposant des œuvres toujours aussi singulières et saisissantes. Avec ses toiles aux couleurs vives et tranchées, Speedy Graphito nous fait partager une vision très personnelle du monde qui nous entoure. Il occupe aujourd’hui une place incontournable dans le monde du Street Art.


Sun7 is a child of intersections, overlapping between word and image, poetry and color, art and street. In the 1990's, he discovered the universe of New York city and it's tags. Spray paint in hand, he attacks the walls from Paris to New York. He has worked in Paris, Lyon and Marseille, then in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Jakarta. In his works, he uses the canvas, the panel, and even the metal plates. He draws inspiration from various places, such as action painting, Arabic calligraphy, and Latin-style tattoos. The mix of inspiration is what dominates and shows throughout his works, as when these individual inspirations are combined, he composes a final product which is interlaced with a bit of everything, often in the form of portraits and self-portraits. The portraits are but coded texts, as his work is a subtle game between appearances and disappearances.